Installation of facade systems – the latest technologies

In comparison with traditional construction materials (bricks, concrete masonry units), the importance of glass in modern construction has been increasing steadily. Glass façades with excellent thermal and noise insolation as well as UV-protection provide the customer with important insolation advantages and benefits. The company MTD BIO, d. o. o., is aware of the importance of a green future and functionality, which is guaranteed with modern glass windows, doors and ventilation façades.

The selection of a façade system, aluminum profiles and glass is calculated on the basis of the following factors:

  • purpose of the industrial building
  • geographic position of the building
  • average wind speed
  • working conditions
  • other factors for proper installation of profiles and glass (light transmission, external reflection etc.)

We plan, manufacture and install different types of aluminum structures and glass façades for our customers:

Classic aluminum façade systems with visible profiles

Profiles are manufactured in different dimensions and, therefore, easily adjustable to individual building loads. The end profiles on the external side can point into different directions or lines.

Semi-structural aluminum façades

Although aluminum support profiles are visible in this type of façades, their width is minimal. These differ mainly from classic glass façades because of a narrower structure of the aluminum frame and the use of almost invisible tight clips.

Structural glazing façade systems

These systems consist of glass fastened into an aluminum profile without visible aluminum structural parts. Glass plates are glued into aluminum profiles with silicone/EPDM-sealing or other silicones depending on the system. The external appearance is completely smooth.

Advantages of aluminum structural systems and glass façades

  • increased utilization of natural light
  • extraordinary sealing and fire resistance
  • energy savings in heating, ventilation and cooling of premises
  • protection against noise and weather impacts
  • low maintenance costs
  • long lifespan
  • environment-friendly products

Aluminum ventilation façades

Aluminum ventilation systems are high-tech thermal isolation systems. Users can benefit from the following advantages:

  • reduced impact of thermal bridges allowing energy savings
  • prevention of condensation
  • long-term efficiency of the external isolation material
  • prevention of heat loss during winter and overheating during summer
  • favorable climatic conditions

Installation of ETERNIT facades

The environment-friendly Eternit fiber cement is highly versatile as it is stronger than concrete. The Eternit material is commonly used for façade cladding, which protects the entire building structure. The material is especially popular in the construction of business, private and industrial buildings.

The 7-point structure of Eternit façade panels ensures:

  • durability, incombustibility
  • frost protection
  • protection against severe weather conditions
  • long lifespan
  • minimal maintenance

The company MTD BIO, d. o. o., carries-out installation projects for its customers all around the world, whereas the attractive appearance shall be attributed to the modern Eternit façade panels, which are available:

  • from different materials (smooth matt surfaces, graphite plates)
  • in different sizes, forms and colors

Installation of window elements

The company MTD BIO, d. o. o., has extensive experience in the field of installation of aluminum structures and Schüco windows. We have successfully carried-out the following major projects: Justizzentrum Bochum judiciary center, Ärztehaus Kassel medical center, Germany, Carl-Benz Gymnasium high-school, Germany, Schleife in Schopfheim, Germany.

The high-tech Schüco windows are:

  • made from Aluminum
  • plastic (PVC)

Furthermore, they ensure improved safety, protection against noise and a unique system solution for smart window opening. Besides the advanced characteristics, Schüco windows ensure comfort and an attractive appearance.