Electric Power Installations in Industrial Facilities

The company MTD BIO, d. o. o., has long term professional experiences in the field of electrical assembly. Therefore, we carry-out the following services for our clients:

  • electrical installations on conveyor belts for the automotive industry, on production lines
  • electrical installations and assembly works for the automation of robots in the automotive industry and other sectors
  • electrical installations and assembly works for the automation of storage warehouses and logistics centers
  • electrical installations and assembly works in petrochemical production processes, the pharmaceutical industry


Assembly of Control Cabinets

We implement complete projects, from the design of electrical installations and equipment, including the supply, assembly and maintenance of low-voltage control cabinets.

We assemble electrical control cabinets. Our in-house service for electrical installations ensures fast and professional:

  • assembly of electrical control cabinets
  • positioning of electrical cabinets on a spot besides the machine, device, in accordance with the project documentation and the client’s standards
  • laying of connection ducts and the connection of cables between the control device and machine
  • internal lay-out of elements in the cabinet

Within the framework of process engineering and the installation of supervisory and control systems for the automation of production processes we carry-out the following services:

  • supply and set-up of hardware and software for the control of processes
  • development of applicative PLC and SCADA programs
  • programming of robot controlled processes
  • machinery and device operation testing
  • safe boot of the PLC and SCADA supervisory system for the automation of control processes
  • monitoring of the production processes

The quality of our services is based on production specifications, specifications for operation safety testing and the commissioning procedures in accordance with the ISO 9001:2008 standard.

Testing of safety operation of machinery and electrical devices is performed in accordance with the EN 60204 (VDE0113), BGV A3 in DIN EN 60439-1 (VDE 0660) standards.

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